Rump Steak

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A 4.5 Kilo Whole Scotch Rump that is perfect for roasting. Lovely and lean as well as being great value at just £60 for 4.5 kilos of high quality Scotch Rump. Superb for a sunday roast for the whole family especially when served with a delicious, thick gravy, fresh vegetables and yorkshire pudding.

Slightly cheaper than the sirloin steaks, meaning that these rump steaks are great value, as they are still extremely lean and tender. Cooked well they can match sirloin steaks for flavour. Fantastic with red wine or bearnaise sauce, or alternatively sliced up and placed in a stir fry.

£12.50 / Package(s)

Our finest quality, deliciously tender beef steak that's Halal certified. Superb value for a six steak pack as well.

£14.50 / Package(s)