Roasting Beef

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2 kilo oven ready joint (serves 6-8). Topside is a lean and delicious joint of beef that is perfect for roasting, or cooking a pot roast with vegetables, herbs, wine and stock.


Traditional British Premium Roast Joint (Serves 6-8). This premium sirloin roast joint sourced in Britain provides the perfect centre piece to a traditional english roast dinner, served with a piping hot gravy, delicious vegetables and crispy yorkshire puddings.


Our recommended joint for larger parties (serves 10-12). Hereford Beef produces an excellent quality 'marbled' beef that is in great demand throughout the UK and beyond. Hereford beef is renowned for being full of flavour and extremely tender. The cattle have grass diets that mean a longer shelf life and meat which is a better colour and of the highest quality.


This 3kg bone in Joint makes the ultimate, succulent sunday roast, accompanied by roast potatoes, lashings of gravy and yorkshire puddings.


This boneless rib of beef is ideal for a superb traditional Sunday roast, cooked in this way, the beef retains its flavour and is at its tenderest.


Finest quality Beef Topside that is Halal Certified. Fantastic value for such a large amount of top quality, delicious beef. (Serving sugestion).

Superb for roasting as it can be sliced from end to end with no waste. The meat is succulent and juicy when roasted, making this joint perfect for a family roast dinner. Delicious with a piping hot gravy, vegetables and yorkshire pudding.

A 4.5 Kilo Whole Scotch Rump that is perfect for roasting. Lovely and lean as well as being great value at just £60 for 4.5 kilos of high quality Scotch Rump. Superb for a sunday roast for the whole family especially when served with a delicious, thick gravy, fresh vegetables and yorkshire pudding.