Stewing or Casserole Beef

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Casserole Beef can be turned into a fantastically tender meat if cooked gently in a casserole. Perfect for kebabs, casseroles or stews. Our Casserole beef needs to be cooked for around 3 hours in an oven or on the hob to maximise the meats quality, tenderness and flavour.
£7.99 / Package(s)
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Try using our stewing beef for a delicious, warming stew or casserole with red wine, stock, winter vegetables and herbs. It can also be used for bbq kebabs. When cooking a stew, for best results cook the meat gradually to enhance the flavour and keep the meat tender.
£19.99 / Package(s)
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1 Kilo of Scotch hand diced chuck that's perfect for dishes such as Boeuf Bourguignon. A little more fat gives this cut more depth of flavour and at £8.99 per kilo it is fantastic value as well.
£8.99 / Package(s)
3kg whole piece of high quality, great value oxtail. Best used in stews or for slow cooking.
Pre-cut pack of the finest quality Oxtail that's Halal certified. Perfect for use in stews, curries, soups and stocks.
£16.00 / Package(s)
Finest quality Shin of Beef that has been Halal Certified. Superb value, versatile and very tender when slow-cooked.

High quality, great value cut oxtail. Best used in stews and curries or for slow cooking or adding intense flavour to stocks.

£18.00 / Package(s)