Christmas specials

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Succulent, traditional roast ham joint, perfect for lunch on Boxing day or for a dinner with family and friends at any time of the year.


Delicious fresh pork sausages, perfect grilled for breakfast, cooked as part of a warming casserole or wrapped in streaky bacon and roasted to make traditional 'pigs in blankets'.

£6.00 / package(s)

Fantastic mixed with fried onions and herbs for the perfect Christmas stuffing.

£2.50 / package(s)

450g of delicious British smoked salmon, ideal as a quick but luxurious starter or served on warm blinis with a dollop of sour cream for an impressive hors d'oeuvre.

£24.50 / package(s)

This fantastic boneless turkey butterfly breast is low in fat and feeds 8-10 people. This particular cut is also an excellent choice because it is off the bone and so none of the delicious meat is wasted. It is perfect for roasting and serving hot with potatoes and green beans or cold in a salad or sandwich.


This fantastic turkey is selected from Italian farms for its succulent texture and delicious flavour. Weighing 6-8 kilos, it feeds 18-20 people and is ideal roasted and served with potatoes and thick gravy. Great for entertaining.


2 kilo oven ready joint (serves 6-8). Topside is a lean and delicious joint of beef that is perfect for roasting, or cooking a pot roast with vegetables, herbs, wine and stock.


Traditional British Premium Roast Joint (Serves 6-8). This premium sirloin roast joint sourced in Britain provides the perfect centre piece to a traditional english roast dinner, served with a piping hot gravy, delicious vegetables and crispy yorkshire puddings.


2.27 kilo pack of 40 (avg) streaky bacon rashers ideal for wrapping around chicken with a dollop of red pesto to make a delicious main course or fried and served with pancakes and maple syrup or as part of a tradition English breakfast.

£14.00 / package(s)

Excellent value, these delicious whole geese are rich in flavour and provide excellent moist and succulent meat. Perfect for a sunday lunch, goose is a darker, fuller bodied and more intensely flavoured alternative to turkey which is also gamier than duck.


Available from 1st November 

This is our most expensive cut of beef due to its tenderness, succulent taste and texture, and its leanness. Cut from the centre of the sirloin along the back of the steer, it can be either grilled or fried and combines tenderness and a delicate flavour for a perfect, easy to prepare dish.


4 Prime British Fillet steaks that are perfectly tender, and have a succulent taste and texture. The combination of tenderness and a delicate flavour make these steaks sensational. They also have the added advantage of being quick to cook, making preparation speedy and straightforward.

£39.50 / package(s)

6 Mini Fillet Steaks that are great value and perfect for a meal for family or friends. When you buy fillet steak from us, you are getting a juicy, tender, flavoursome quality fillet steak. At just £28.50 for such fine quality fillet steaks, this is a fantastic purchase for any meat lover!

£29.50 / package(s)

A turkey crown is a partly boned product. The breast bone remains and the wings are still attached. Great for entertaining, You get the look of a traditional roast but easier carving and less waste!


This boneless turkey breast is low in fat and being off the bone means it is easy to carve and no meat is wasted. It feeds 12-16 people and is excellent roasted and served hot with mashed potato and gravy or sliced and made into a sandwiches or added to a salad. Superb value!


Frozen Goose availlable from 6th December.


Available from 6h December - order from mid-November

Half a boneless leg of pork, tied and ready for the oven. Feeds 15. If you would like a whole leg we can do that too, bone in or out, just email us with you request. This is a lean and versatile piece of meat that is ideal for roasting. You could also try pouring some olive oil and lemon juice over the meat along with some fresh herbs in order to enhance the flavour.


Delicious traditional smoked loin of pork that is often served in Germany with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes.


A 600 gram joint of premium quality cured italian Coppa that's ready to eat.


This 2.5 kilo Salami from the Italian city of Milan is ideal sliced as part of a mixed Italian-style starter. With such a large quantity of high quality Salami for only £39.50 this is fantastic value!