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2 kilo oven ready joint (serves 6-8). Topside is a lean and delicious joint of beef that is perfect for roasting, or cooking a pot roast with vegetables, herbs, wine and stock.

Traditional British Premium Roast Joint (Serves 6-8). This premium sirloin roast joint sourced in Britain provides the perfect centre piece to a traditional english roast dinner, served with a piping hot gravy, delicious vegetables and crispy yorkshire puddings.


6 Mini Fillet Steaks that are great value and perfect for a meal for family or friends. When you buy fillet steak from us, you are getting a juicy, tender, flavoursome quality fillet steak. At just £19.50 for such fine quality fillet steaks, this is a fantastic purchase for any meat lover!

£24.50 / Package(s)

This is our most expensive cut of beef due to its tenderness, succulent taste and texture, and its leanness. Cut from the centre of the sirloin along the back of the steer, it can be either grilled or fried and combines tenderness and a delicate flavour for a perfect, easy to prepare dish.


4 Prime British Fillet steaks that are perfectly tender, and have a succulent taste and texture. The combination of tenderness and a delicate flavour make these steaks sensational. They also have the added advantage of being quick to cook, making preparation speedy and straightforward.

£34.50 / Package(s)