Bacon/Cooked and Cured Ham

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2.27 kilo pack of delicious unsmoked bacon, perfect cut, fried and mixed with pasta in a creamy sauce for a great carbonara.

£10.95 / package(s)
Current daily price

1 kilo packet of delicious traditionally dried and sliced cooked ham that's ready to eat. Use for delicious sandwiches or just on its own!

£10.50 / package(s)

2.27 kilo pack of delicious smoked bacon perfect fried for breakfast or served with broad beans, peas and caramelised onions as a warm summer salad.

£10.95 / package(s)
Current daily price

2.27 kilo pack of 40 (avg) streaky bacon rashers ideal for wrapping around chicken with a dollop of red pesto to make a delicious main course or fried and served with pancakes and maple syrup or as part of a tradition English breakfast.

£14.00 / package(s)

Succulent, traditional roast ham joint, perfect for lunch on Boxing day or for a dinner with family and friends at any time of the year.


A 250 grams of high quality, traditional Bologna cured sausage, delicious thinly sliced and used as part of a mixed starter or in a sandwich.

£6.50 / package(s)

1.5 kilo pack of premium quality Italian Pancetta. Use like smoked bacon. It makes the perfect carbonara sauce!

£24.50 / package(s)

A 600 gram joint of premium quality cured italian Coppa that's ready to eat.