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300 grams of delicious traditional Italian sausage. Perfect for casseroles or barbeques or with tomatoes for a hearty pasta sauce.
£5.00 / Package(s)
Excellent quality pork in these lovely sausages. Average 15 per pack. Cumberland sausages are made up of coarsely ground pork blended with flavour-filled herbs and spices that have made them such a rustic favourite. Delicious dipped in cumberland sauce!
£6.95 / Package(s)
A really delicious pork, bacon, garlic and wine combo! Average 40 per pack. A traditional sausage originally from France made with coarsely diced pork enhanced with seasonings, garlic and wine. Toulouse sausage is often braised, grilled or fried and makes a good addition to many dishes such as cassoulet.
£17.50 / Package(s)
Approx 20 excellent quality pork sausages. Whether cooking on the barbeque, as part of a tasty full english breakfast, or served with mash and onion gravy, these premium sausages are delicious and of the highest quality. With approximately 20 in a pack they are also fantastic value!
£6.95 / Package(s)
Approx 50 value sausages, at £4.95 this is an excellent option for parties.
£4.95 / Package(s)
Delicious fresh pork sausages, perfect grilled for breakfast, cooked as part of a warming casserole or wrapped in streaky bacon and roasted to make traditional 'pigs in blankets'.
£4.50 / Package(s)
Fantastic mixed with fried onions and herbs for the perfect Christmas stuffing.
£2.00 / Package(s)
Delicious traditional smoked loin of pork that is often served in Germany with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes.