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Perfect for adding a burst of flavour to any dish, these delicious sun dried tomatoes work well in pastas or salads or as part of a mixed starter. At just £14.50 for a 1 kilo pack this is fantastic value.

£14.50 / Package(s)

450g of delicious British smoked salmon, ideal as a quick but luxurious starter or served on warm blinis with a dollop of sour cream for an impressive hors d'oeuvre.

£24.50 / Package(s)

1litre of fantastic Italian Filippo Berio Extra Virgin olive oil. This naturally extracted, superior olive oil is an Italian staple and is great value for this high quality brand. It provides maximum impact when added to salads or soups or simply used as a ‘dip’ for bread.

£12.50 / bottle(s)

This pasta is produced from pure durum wheat semolina, water and no preservatives.


£2.95 / Package(s)