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1 Kilo of delicious, high quality pastrami that comes sliced for ease of use. Perfect as a sandwich filler and ready to eat.

£19.75 / Package(s)

2.5 Kilo (avg) delicious Italian whole pastrami that's sold cooked and ready to carve. At £25.00 for 2.5 Kilos this is fantastic value! Try sliced, in a sandwich or with salad.


5 delicious 7oz strip loin steaks, tender and flavoursome these are perfect for frying.

£20.00 / Package(s)
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Finest quality Beef Topside that is Halal Certified. Fantastic value for such a large amount of top quality, delicious beef. (Serving sugestion).


Our finest quality, deliciously tender beef steak that's Halal certified. Superb value for a six steak pack as well.

£14.50 / Package(s)
These 20 fantastic 250g (8oz) steak burgers are perfect for a barbeque with family and friends and the leanness of the meat makes them healthier than traditional burgers so you don't have to feel guilty!
£24.95 / Package(s)
Pack of 6 delicious Halal Certified Sirloin Steaks. Tender and juicy these steaks are perfect fried and served with mashed potatoes.

Pre-cut pack of the finest quality Oxtail that's Halal certified. Perfect for use in stews, curries, soups and stocks.

£18.50 / Package(s)
The Tomahawk is an on-the-bone Rib Steak, cut from the fore-rib with the entire rib bone left. The long bone is french-trimmed, leaving an amazing presentation, and dinner table discussion point! As it is bone-in rib steak, it has quite a large amount of inter-muscular fat, which gives it a load of flavour when cooked.

High quality, great value cut oxtail. Best used in stews and curries or for slow cooking or adding intense flavour to stocks.

£25.95 / Package(s)
31 - 40 of 40 results