Turkey & Goose

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This boneless turkey breast is low in fat and being off the bone means it is easy to carve and no meat is wasted. It feeds 12-16 people and is excellent roasted and served hot with mashed potato and gravy or sliced and made into a sandwiches or added to a salad. Superb value!
This fantastic boneless turkey butterfly breast is low in fat and feeds 8-10 people. This particular cut is also an excellent choice because it is off the bone and so none of the delicious meat is wasted. It is perfect for roasting and serving hot with potatoes and green beans or cold in a salad or sandwich.
A turkey crown is a partly boned product. The breast bone remains and the wings are still attached. Great for entertaining, you get the look of a traditional roast but easier carving and less waste!

Excellent value, these delicious whole geese are rich in flavour and provide excellent moist and succulent meat. Perfect for a sunday lunch, goose is a darker, fuller bodied and more intensely flavoured alternative to turkey which is also gamier than duck.


Sold out for December 

Wonderful quality British free range frozen goose, serves 6 people. Enjoy as an alternative to turkey for Christmas or at any time for a cracking feast with friends and family.


Sold out for December 

Fresh English free range Goose availlable from 15th December.


Sold out for December