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This fantastic, organic rib roast form Soil Association Certified farms serves about 12 people. It is perfect roasted and served with Yorkshire puddings, mashed potato and gravy for a delicious, traditional meal with family and friends.


10 kilos of perfect, high quality organic British beef mince from Soil Association Certified farms. Ideal for making juicy meatballs or a rich and flavorsome bolognaise sauce for a family meal.

£85.00 / package(s)

A 5 Kilo Whole Rump of beef from Soil Association Certified farms. Lovely and lean as well as being great value. Superb for a sunday roast for the whole family especially when served with a delicious, thick gravy, fresh vegetables and yorkshire pudding.


Bred on Soil Association Certified farms, this organic fillet is our most expensive cut of beef due to its tenderness, succulent taste and texture, and its leanness. Cut from the centre of the sirloin along the back of the cow, it can be either grilled or fried and combines tenderness and a delicate flavour for a perfect, easy to prepare dish.