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2 kilo pack of diced chicken breast. Our diced chicken breast is a lean and versatile meat that is fantastic for dishes such as casseroles and curries. At £16.95 for 2 Kilos this is also superb value for those looking for top quality produce at a great price.

£16.95 / package(s)

1 kilo re-sealable tub of fresh raw chicken liver. This can be used to make delicious chicken liver pate, and can also be pan-fried and added to a warm chicken salad. Fresh Chicken liver in red wine sauce served with mashed potatoes also makes a tasty winter dish.


Pack of fresh chicken legs, average weight 5 kilos. Our fresh chicken legs are perfect for marinading in a barbeque sauce. Once cooked, the flesh will be delicious and tender, as chicken legs have darker meat. At £16.00 for 5 kilos this is also a great value purchase.

£20.00 / package(s)

Pack of 26/30 chicken breasts (depending on size), average weight 5 kilos. This is a great value pack for families as the chicken is suitable for freezing and can thus be used over a long period. Chicken breasts are a healthy option for your family as they made up of white, not dark meat. They are incredibly versatile and make a fantastic addition to salads, curries, casseroles or served simply with vegetables.

£28.95 / package(s)

Pack of 2 free range chickens, average weight 1.2 kilos each. Our free range chickens have been reared with easy access to the outdoors, meaning that they have had the best chance to develop the fullest quality flavour and a supremely tender meat. Delicious as part of a roast dinner.

£19.95 / package(s)

Pack of 6 chicken breasts, average weight 1.1kilos. These are the most versatile of chicken cuts; they can be grilled whole, pan fried, roasted, or steamed. You can also chop them up and use them in stir fries, casseroles or curries. These chicken breasts are boneless and skinless. Easy to cook, our chicken breasts provide a delicious and very healthy meal.

£9.99 / package(s)

Pack of approx 80 inner breast fillets, average weight 5 kilos. At £24.95 for such a large amount of chicken that is of top quality, this is the perfect purchase for those who want to save money on their food shopping but still want an excellent standard of meat for their cooking.

£24.95 / package(s)

Family size chicken, average weight 2.5 kilos. Our large roasting chicken's size makes this product perfect for a large family roast or dinner for friends. The chicken's superb quality meat can be enhanced with a delicious gravy, a selection of vegetables and plenty of roast potatoes. Very versatile, it can also be used in salads, stir fries, curries and casseroles. Delicious hot or cold once cooked.


2 kilo pack of boneless diced chicken thigh meat. Chicken thigh is made up of a darker meat which means they are extremely tender and full of flavour. They are suitable for dishes such as curries and casseroles, and slow cooking will mean that the full flavour will be brought out.

£14.95 / package(s)
10 kilo box of FROZEN chicken drumsticks - excellent value! The large size of this product makes it perfect for a money saving purchase for famliy cooking. Our chicken drumsticks are perfect for barbeques, but are also delicious cooked in an oven. They taste brilliant marinaded in sticky sauces which will caramelise deliciously whether oven cooked or over coals on the bbq. Versatile and superb value!
£25.00 / box(es)

10 kilo box of frozen chicken thigh portions, fantastic value! These chicken thighs can be kept in the freezer and used over a long period, meaning that they are great value as part of a economical family shop. Hugely versatile, these chicken portions can be used in an innumerable variety of great family dishes, from salads to sandwiches, and casseroles to curries.

£29.99 / box(es)

Fresh British chicken drumsticks, pack of 10. Our chicken drumsticks are perfect for barbeques, but are also delicious cooked in an oven. They taste brilliant marinaded in a sticky sauces which will caramelise deliciously whether oven cooked or over coals on the bbq. A versatile and great value product!

£9.90 / package(s)

Fresh British oyster thighs, pack of 10. Chicken thigh provides a darker, more moist meat than chicken breast, and can be used to fantastic effect in curries and casseroles, where the tenderness and moisture of the meat will give a delicious texture to the dish. They are as fantastic covered in bbq sauce during the summer as they are grilled during the colder months and served with warming winter vegetables.

£9.90 / package(s)

Pack of 2 British chickens, average weight 1.2 kilos. 2 of our whole British chickens which are excellent quality and perfect for roasting. They are delicious served with piping hot gravy, roast potatoes and vegetables. Alternatively, roast and make into a chicken salad for a lovely summer meal. Fantastic hot or cold once roasted.

£8.99 / package(s)

5 oven ready poussin at a superb price of £15,50. These poussin have a higher skin to meat ratio than full sized chickens so the flavours are intensified once cooked. Rub with salt, pepper and olive oil and roast whole, serving one poussin per person.

£15.50 / package(s)

10 excellent quality, incredibly versatile chicken breasts that are Halal certified.

£17.50 / package(s)

2 of our finest whole chickens that are halal certified. Perfect rubbed with garlic, herbs and spices then, roasted and served with roasted vegetables.

£16.50 / package(s)

A pack of delicious chicken legs that are halal certified. At just £16 for a pack of 20 this is unbeatable value.

£20.00 / package(s)