Halal Products (Certified)

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Finest quality Shin of Beef that has been Halal Certified. Superb value, versatile and very tender when slow-cooked.


Finest quality Beef Topside that is Halal Certified. Fantastic value for such a large amount of top quality, delicious beef. (Serving sugestion).


Pre-cut pack of the finest quality Oxtail that's Halal certified. Perfect for use in stews, curries, soups and stocks.

£19.50 / package(s)

Our finest quality, deliciously tender beef steak that's Halal certified. Superb value for a six steak pack as well.

£16.50 / package(s)

10 excellent quality, incredibly versatile chicken breasts that are Halal certified.

£17.50 / package(s)

2 of our finest whole chickens that are halal certified. Perfect rubbed with garlic, herbs and spices then, roasted and served with roasted vegetables.

£16.50 / package(s)

A pack of delicious chicken legs that are halal certified. At just £16 for a pack of 20 this is unbeatable value.

£20.00 / package(s)

2 kilos of high quality, halal certified mutton that's boneless for ease of preparation. Ideal for dicing and making into stews or curries.

£20.99 / package(s)

This 2 kilo Halal Certified lamb fillet is delicous cut into medallions, fried and served with crushed new potatoes.


This succulent, Halal Certified leg of lamb is ideal for roasting with rosemary and garlic.


Excellent quality, mutton fillet great cut into steaks or made into kebabs.

£29.99 / package(s)

Pack of 6 delicious Halal Certified Sirloin Steaks. Tender and juicy these steaks are perfect fried and served with mashed potatoes.


High quality, great value cut oxtail. Best used in stews and curries or for slow cooking or adding intense flavour to stocks.

£27.95 / package(s)