Italian Products and Delicatessen

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This 2 kilo Salami from Naples, Italy is ideal sliced as part of a mixed Italian-style starter. At only £16.50 for 2 kilos this is superb value!

£26.50 / package(s)

Delicious Italian soft cheese that is suitable for salads, pasta dishes or melted on pizza! Excellent value for 125g of high quality mozzarella!

£2.50 / package(s)

1.5 kilo pack of premium quality Italian Pancetta. Use like smoked bacon. It makes the perfect carbonara sauce!

£24.50 / package(s)

2.5 kilos of high quality Grana Padano Italian Parmesan cheese.Use grated or shaved over pasta or salads, or enjoy on its own! Superb value at just £49.50.


This 2.5 kilo Salami from the Italian city of Milan is ideal sliced as part of a mixed Italian-style starter. With such a large quantity of high quality Salami for only £39.50 this is fantastic value!


300 grams of delicious traditional Italian sausage. Perfect for casseroles or barbeques or with tomatoes for a hearty pasta sauce.

£6.00 / package(s)

A 600 gram joint of premium quality cured italian Coppa that's ready to eat.


A 250 grams of high quality, traditional Bologna cured sausage, delicious thinly sliced and used as part of a mixed starter or in a sandwich.

£6.50 / package(s)

1 Kilo of delicious, high quality pastrami that comes sliced for ease of use. Perfect as a sandwich filler and ready to eat.

£22.75 / package(s)

2.5 Kilo (avg) delicious Italian whole pastrami that's sold cooked and ready to carve. At £34.50 for 2.5 Kilos this is fantastic value! Try sliced, in a sandwich or with salad.


450g of delicious British smoked salmon, ideal as a quick but luxurious starter or served on warm blinis with a dollop of sour cream for an impressive hors d'oeuvre.

£24.50 / package(s)

1litre of fantastic Italian Filippo Berio Extra Virgin olive oil. This naturally extracted, superior olive oil is an Italian staple and is great value for this high quality brand. It provides maximum impact when added to salads or soups or simply used as a ‘dip’ for bread.

£12.50 / bottle(s)