Game Birds

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Take advantage of pheasant when it is in season -there is nothing quite like its flavour, and simple roasting is one of the best methods of cooking. Traditionally, it should be served with bread sauce, bacon rolls and sausages. Fantantastic produce for those looking for great quality game.

£19.50 / package(s)

One superb quality free range oven ready duck. One roast duck is perfect for at least four people, and the duck's rich taste makes it perfect for special occasions.


Four oven ready quail for the incredible price of only £9.50. Extremely tender and ready to cook. They can be stuffed, roasted and served with a delicious gravy. Quails are also the perfect size to be cooked on the bbq.

£11.50 / package(s)

2 oven ready partridges that come already plucked and are suitable for cooking immediately. Partridge is a fantastic, lean, dark game meat that is similar to but slightly firmer than pheasant.

£16.50 / package(s)

Two delicious oven ready pigeons. Try sauteeing them and serving with mushroom sauce and rice.

£10.50 / package(s)

In terms of game meat, grouse is recognised as a top choice when taste is the criteria. Arguably the strongest tasting of all game birds, its meat is dark and delicious, and is well suited to both pheasant and quail recipes.

£24.50 / package(s)

5 oven ready poussin at a superb price of £15,50. These poussin have a higher skin to meat ratio than full sized chickens so the flavours are intensified once cooked. Rub with salt, pepper and olive oil and roast whole, serving one poussin per person.

£15.50 / package(s)