Lamb Loin/Saddle (Boneless, 2 kilos av)

£39.50 / 5 kilogram(s)

Customer ratings for Lamb Loin/Saddle (Boneless, 2 kilos av)

Number of ratings: 2
Average rating: 3
Amazing value
from on 25/07/2019
Have bought this in the past and if you don't mind a bit of prep work it's amazing value, it would cost the same or more per kg trimmed and rolled from a high Street butcher. Absolute bargain.
Not as decribed in the photograph
from on 23/02/2018
I received 5 boned Saddles of lamb and flank with bags of bones. The lamb was not rolled as described. I had to remove over 2 kilos of fat from the saddles. The description said rolled and ready to roast. I had to trim it and tie it myself, just as well I have a butchering background. The "Lamb" was close to being mutton by virtue of the amount of fat and quality of the meat I ended up with approx 10 kilo of boneless lamb compared with description of 15 Kg of boneless meat

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